AB has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2006. Currently it belongs to the sWIG80TR, WIG-Poland, InvestorMS, sWIG80 and WIG indices.

Financial data In K PLN, financial year 2020-2021

Revenues from sales 13 074 310
Gross profit on sales 472 656
Net profit 123 720
EBITDA 182 837

Press release

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AB Group increased sales by one billion Polish zlotys.

A record-breaking net profit of more than PLN 151 million and an EBITDA of PLN 231 million with sales of […]

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H&M recognises AB as a Socially Responsible Company

Our #AByrazem charity project has been recognised once again, this time around we were acknowledged for helping Ukrainian citizens in the course […]

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AB Group closes the 30 million PLN bond issue

AB Group has issued a new batch of four-year bonds with a total face value of 30 million PLN at […]


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Adrian Boczkowski

phone: +48 506 324 456
e-mail: ir@ab.pl

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