AB has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2006. Currently it belongs to the sWIG80TR, WIG-Poland, InvestorMS, sWIG80 and WIG indices.

Financial data In K PLN, financial year 2020-2021

Revenues from sales 13 074 310
Gross profit on sales 472 656
Net profit 123 720
EBITDA 182 837

Press release

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AB Group in Q3 2022: EBITDA growth of 46% and further increase in market share

AB Group, the largest IT and consumer electronics distributor in Poland and the CEE region, started the new financial year […]

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Intel rewards AB for sales

AB received another prestigious award from a manufacturer this year. This time it was Intel Corporation which awarded our team […]

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AB introduces the TCO Certified label

AB is the first IT distributor in Central Europe to introduce the TCO Certified product label (tcocertified.com).


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Adrian Boczkowski

phone: +48 506 324 456
e-mail: ir@ab.pl

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