Vendor offer

Thinking about the partners of AB S.A. we don’t only mean our customers, but also vendors. To meet the current market requirements, we have prepared a package of solutions targeted at vendors.

Our standard offer includes the possibility of selling products through AB online platform. In most of the cases it is done by signing individual distribution agreements with vendors. However, this is not a solution that satisfies every supplier. For this reason, we also offer the opportunity to sell products as a Virtual Product Manager – VPM. This is a function in our system that enables the vendor of a given product to coordinate orders, make deliveries, set prices and control inventory levels directly.

AB online sales platform provides access to the database of 16,000 trading partners. If you wish to familiarize our clients with your offer, give them a promotion or invite them to an event, we can help you. We offer a wide range of marketing services, tailored to vendors’ requirements and needs.

Our offer also includes 360⁰ product presentations. AB is the only distributor in Poland who offers such a solution to its partners. In addition, we give our vendors the possibility to prepare for their products full 3D presentations. They are made in our photo studio and then presented at the AB online platform. Moreover, our partners can download and show them in their own online stores. Please keep in mind that as many as 92.6% of users think that photos have the greatest impact on the decision to make a purchase (Consumer Psychology, Vouchercloud), and 58% of customers want to see the full detail of the photo. If you would like to own your product presentations created by AB or have a full 3D presentation, please contact us.