AB Group in Q3 2022: EBITDA growth of 46% and further increase in market share

AB Group, the largest IT and consumer electronics distributor in Poland and the CEE region, started the new financial year 2022/2023 with strong improvements in its financial results. The reliance on the growing markets of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, the multidirectional development, and the highest efficiency in the industry allow the company to directly share its success with its shareholders. 

Selected financial results:

  Financial year 2021/22 Q3 2022 (Q1 FY22/23)
  PLN million Y/y change PLN million Y/y change
Revenue 14,030.8 +7% 3,793.3 +22%
EBITDA 231.4 +27% 58.6 +46%
Margin 1.6% +0.2 pp 1.6% +0.3 pp
Net profit 151.1 +22% 31.1 +25%
Equity (end of period) 1,143.8 +15% 1,183.0 +16%


“The digitization of societies has permanently increased the demand for IT equipment and services, among both institutions and consumers, and the volatile environment for business entities further increases this demand, as they can optimize their cost base and gain competitive advantages through IT solutions. Public administration is also being digitized. As a result, high demand for IT equipment persists in all conditions. Our business model, on the other hand, is based on long-term distribution contracts, business diversification, anticipation of customer needs, heavy investment in development, and the highest operational efficiency in the industry. This makes us able to grow faster than the market and we are the partner of choice for both manufacturers and resellers,” said Andrzej Przybyło, President of the Management Board of AB S.A.

Thanks to its financial and logistical strength, the AB Group is able to meet the growing demand and ensure the continued availability of goods in a changing economic and geopolitical environment.

We can still see the risk of disruption in global supply chains and in the third quarter we are already building up our warehouse base for the fourth quarter, which is seasonally the best period of the year. Therefore, we have successfully increased our inventory to secure the availability of our products to our 16,000 clients. At the same time, we maintain financial ratios at very safe levels; for example, the value of the net debt to EBITDA ratio is at the level of 1.5,” emphasized Grzegorz Ochędzan, Member of the Management Board and CFO of AB SA.

The financial year 2021/2022, which ended in June, was another record year for the AB Group, with PLN 14 billion in revenue and PLN 151 million in net profit. As a result, while maintaining the priority of operational growth, the Management Board recommended a resolution to the General Shareholders’ Meeting convened on December 15 to pay a dividend of PLN 1.25 per share (a 25% increase over last year’s dividend). Shareholders will also decide on increasing the possible scale of share buybacks from the current PLN 16 million to PLN 111 million.

Our ambition is to reconcile in the long term the needs of operational development, which is a priority for us, with sharing of our success directly with the shareholders. In addition to paying dividends, we also conduct share buybacks, which is a second stream of profit distribution to our investors. We are confident in the fundamental value of our shares, and the potential increase in the scale of the buyback by the General Shareholders’ Meeting will supply us, if the need arises, with greater ability to act in the interests of our shareholders in this regard,” stated Grzegorz Ochędzan, CFO of the AB Group.