AB Group is launching a laptop collection. They will go to children from Ukraine.

Got a redundant notebook? Is your company replacing laptops? Give them to children from Ukraine! You will help them to learn. Electronics shop chain Alsen has started collecting computers as part of the #ABy together for Ukraine campaign. The donated equipment will be refurbished and later distributed to children who have found refuge in Poland. In this way, the Polish electronics distributor AB Group is responding to the appeal of the Ministry of Education and Science, and at the same time reducing the amount of electro-waste on the market. 

The action will last until further notice. Laptops can be brought to one of Alsen’s 400 stationary shops in Poland. However, the campaign organisers stipulate that the devices must meet certain minimum conditions. They must not be mechanically damaged, not older than 5 years old and have at least a 13.3″ display. Each laptop must be in working order and have a battery and power supply. Each device must also be accompanied by a declaration acknowledging the donation. Before they are handed over to the students, the computers will be taken to a computer spa, where Alsen shop technicians will prepare them for new users.

 Time is of the essence, which is why we focus first on computers that do not require complex servicing. Each laptop will undergo a meticulous review before release. Working with Microsoft, we will equip it with the necessary software and adapt it to new users. This ensures that students get valuable equipment. We are delighted that in this way we will be adding our bit to this joint effort to help children, refugees from Ukraine. – explains Jan Zdebel president of the Alsen chain.

There is also an additional important aspect to this action – the environmental aspect. – Unused laptops will be given a new lease of life, and this will reduce the number of devices going to disposal. By donating equipment, we not only set an example of how to help those in need, but we also really care about the environment” – emphasises Jan Zdebel.

The Ministry of Education and Science, which will distribute the laptop aid, will ultimately decide where specifically the laptops will go. The AB Group’s action is not the only activity that the Polish IT distributor carries out as part of its internal #ABy together for Ukraine campaign. The company not only supports its Ukrainian employees and their families, but has also donated household appliances & electronics to organisations caring for refugees. In addition, the distributor donated one hundred new prams for families with children, which arrived in Wrocław after the outbreak of war.

A list of points where the equipment can be delivered and details of the campaign are available at www.alsen.pl/abyrazemdlaukrainy