AB Innovation Days – the most important consumer electronics and household appliances trade show to take place this weekend

For the fourth time the AB Innovation Days will present the trends to be dominant on the consumer electronics and household appliances market in 2017. The most important trade show of the distribution industry will take place at Gołębiewski Hotel in Karpacz on 27-28 May. The event is organised by AB S.A. – the leading distributor of IT, consumer electronics and household appliances in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Like every year, the motto of the trade show is “See today what others will show tomorrow”. Dozens of exhibitors will present the newest innovations on the consumer electronics and household appliances market, available in the AB S.A. offer. Among the new points in the programme will be a presentation of gaming products, the offer of which is dynamically growing. The visitors will also have an opportunity to listen to interesting debates and expert discussions, as well as meet the market leaders. Apart from the manufacturers, the event will also gather representatives of stores and suppliers.

“The decision to organise the first edition of AB Innovation Days resulted from our strategy of development outside of IT solutions. Our current strong position on the consumer electronics and household appliances market is a result of taking advantage of our competitive advantages and know-how regarding effective distribution. In 2016, we observed significant increase in sales of products in the consumer electronics and household appliances segment, which exceeded 80% yoy. We also want to share our knowledge and experience, and the idea of the AB innovation Days allows us to realise these goals. Additionally, the trade show is a perfect opportunity for networking and discussions with our partners and manufacturers”, said Andrzej Przybyło, chairman of the Board of AB S.A.

Additionally, during the trade show the attendees will get to know the plans and vision for the expansion of the Kakto franchise chain, as well as learn more about the support offered by the distributor from Wrocław to its partners. Kakto is a dynamically growing network, currently comprising over 200 stores offering consumer electronics and household appliances. Additionally, the representatives of GfK Polonia, a renowned research institute will discuss current trends on the durable consumer goods market/

The event will also feature AB Studio, where experts and industry leaders will discuss the latest sales trends and products. The studio will be run by well-known television reporter Maciej Kurzajewski.

The end of the event will be marked by an official Gala, during which the invited guests will have an opportunity to enjoy a concert by Kate Ryan.

Read more about the event: https://id.ab.pl/