AB S.A. becomes a Huawei Business Partner

Since the 1st of January 2016, AB S.A., the largest distributor of IT solutions, household appliances and consumer electronics in Central and Eastern Europe is the Business Partner of Huawei in Poland. The partnership status covers the full product portfolio: phones, tablets, smartwatches, networking solutions and accessories.

Huawei, a renowned international manufacturer and supplier of consumer products and enterprise solutions has started a business partnership with AB, taking into consideration the expertise and position on the market achieved by the Wrocław-based company. AB S.A. consistently develops its offer of dedicated services and solutions for corporate clients, allowing for purchasing and constructing offers for employees and their clients. Huawei has also taken into consideration the professional organisational structure, as well as the efficient sales tools, functioning in AB.

 As a Business Partner, the company will cooperate with Huawei on introduction of dedicated loyalty programmes and employee programmes, as well as support and consultancy in the clients’ own purchases. Thanks to the innovative technologies, developed and offered by AB S.A. as part of the B2B e-commerce services, the business, corporate and enterprise clients will be able to take advantage of the full product portfolio of Huawei products as part of the solutions prepared together with AB S.A.