AB leading Computerworld TOP200 Report

Poland’s largest IT company.

As emphasised in the comments to the report, AB’s advantages include stable board and mid-level management, and a network of loyal partners. On the IT market, which experienced significant turbulence last year, the Wroclaw-based company was the only one among the top five to increase its revenue.

“I am very glad that we finished 1st in the 25th Computerworld TOP200 Report. Every success is built on hard work. In our case, the foundation was our efficiently implemented, long-term strategy of development, with security and caution ingrained in our very DNA. We are a reliable and trustworthy partner for our vendors, clients and financial institutions. It also an opportune moment to say thank you for the trust they are giving us in our everyday work. We are also aware that the IT market poses new challenges every day. And we never stop growing, as evident for example from AB’s solid leading position on the cloud computing market,” says Zbigniew Mądry, Member of the Board and Sales Director at AB S.A.

The Computerworld TOP200 Report is a comprehensive study of the Polish IT market. It purpose is to provide a complete overview of the Polish ICT industry, as well as its perspectives and the challenges it is facing. This year, the report included nearly 60 comprehensive tables describing the condition of the IT industry, providing for fluctuating economy and presented according to revenues from various sectors, product and service branches, as well as comprehensive analyses and studies on the perspectives and trends impacting the condition of the ICT industry, prepared by Computerworld’s experts, analysts and editors.