AB S.A. named innovation leader by Wprost

During the 2018 Wprost Innowatory Award Gala, Andrzej Przybyło, creator and Chairman of the Board of AB S.A. received a distinction in the category of Business Services.

The Wprost Innowatory Award was awarded to AB for building a comprehensive and modern offer of e-commerce platforms and tools enabling Polish entrepreneurs to start and successfully trade online. Moreover, AB S.A. leads not only the e-commerce revolution, but also the revolution in the way of software distribution, being the leader of the distribution market in cloud services.

“On behalf of all my employees I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the award. AB S.A. is first and foremost a distributor of IT solutions and equipment. For years, IT distribution has been based on physical products. This has changed now, particularly when we are also talking about the distribution of software in the cloud, for example. A significant trend in this type of distribution is the subscription-based software sales model, which completely changes the reality of end customers and the distribution chain. Currently, in the case of the cloud computing segment, the AB platform is the first choice of customers, and Microsoft – the world leader in the software market – has been the strategic partner of the AB Group in this area. We have built our own subscription model sales platform for our customers, which increases sales efficiency.

Moreover, for many years we have focused on the development of e-commerce tools. We support Polish entrepreneurs by offering them a complete range of tools for running an e-business, including a vast and professional database of descriptions, photographs and e-shop technology. They enable effective communication with customers and the e-commerce market will develop dynamically also thanks to us. Over the next few years, only in Poland and only in B2C channel, e-commerce market may grow by several dozen billion PLN. Only the best prepared and the most innovative companies will win. This is what AB Group is like,” says Andrzej Przybyło, Chairman of the Board of AB S.A.

Wprost Innowatory Award is a prestigious award granted by the Wprost weekly to the most innovative companies in Poland.