AB S.A. integrated the largest IT companies in Poland for the 13th time

AB Integration Academy, cyclical meetings of the largest companies from the enterprise sector, was organized this time at Castle Gniew.   On September 22-23, AB S.A. – the largest IT distributor in Central-Eastern Europe played host to over 150 representatives of integrators and producers from all over Poland. Apart from the rich core part, the participants could also enjoy a number of attractions in the form of classical games, performance of Ireneusz Krosny and concert by Mescalero.

The Integration Academy is a recognizable brand among events dedicated to the enterprise sector in Poland. The motto of the last edition was „Partnership is the key to success”, therefore, AB teamed up with leading business partners.  The participants could listen to talk of representatives of such producers as Dell, EATON, HPE + Aruba and Lenovo. The talks were devoted to, among other things, the news in the server segment as well as information on storage solutions and integration of power network with IT infrastructure.

– The Integration Academy plays a significant role in strengthening business ties with partners. It makes it possible not only to pass knowledge of the latest enterprise trends, but also to hold freer business talks. For over 25 years, we have been focusing on building permanent customer relationships, thanks to which, among other things, we have recorded an increase by 23% year-on-year in the Value Added Distribution segment (VAD), whereas the market has fallen by 4% – said Zbigniew Mądry, Member of the Management Board of AB S.A.

After the official part, then came the time for more casual atmosphere started with a „gun salvo” by Zbigniew Mądry. Services provided for the guests included icebreaker games in the atmosphere of a medieval castle and evening entertainment with Ireneusz Krosny – a well-known mime artist.  The rock concert by Mescalero, where Małgorzata Szkoda-Hreczuch – an employee of AB Group – is the lead vocal, came as big surprise.