AB S.A. intensifies cooperation with LG Electronics

AB company based in Wroclaw – the largest IT and consumer electronics distributor in Central and Eastern Europe – has expanded the scope of direct cooperation with LG Electronics by consumer electronics.

LG, as one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of consumer electronics, offers a number of innovative products. LG is a leader in the manufacturing of OLED TVs, which feature an extremely thin screen thanks to the use of organic LED technology and display image of the highest quality.

For 25 years already, AB S.A. has been the distributor of innovative products and solutions in the market of IT and consumer electronics. Closer cooperation with LG Electronics is another step in implementing the distributor strategy consisting in extending the range of consumer electronics/home appliances. The expansion of direct cooperation with LG Electronics provides the partners of the distributor with full access to the product range and enables them to take advantage of price promotions.

The full range of consumer electronics products by LG Electronics is available at: www.abonline.pl