AB SA offers new shipping services

AB SA, a leading distributor of electronics and home appliances in Central and Eastern Europe, expands the range of its services. Business partners of the Wroclaw company can deliver shipments to its clients by using InPost’s easyPacks. In addition, AB SA has introduced one-day delivery service within Wroclaw.

InPost’s easyPack machines are a system of postal boxes, created to collect and send shipments without the need to wait in line.  They are available on a daily basis, 24 hours a day. In order to collect the package, it is sufficient to provide a phone number and the code of receipt, sent by InPost at the time of its delivery to the easyPack machine.  After just a few seconds, the package is in the hands of the customer.

Delivery on the same day reduces time waiting for a package to a minimum. In order for the package to be delivered to the client on the same day, the sender simply needs to select the appropriate option of delivery and order it by 3:30pm.

For AB SA, the extension of its logistics services is the next stage in its development of the e-commerce. By using proven and accessible mechanism for XML gateways, business partners of the Wroclaw company can offer their customers a new option to order and deliver selected products.

– The ability to take advantage of easyPacks and the option for the same day delivery will positively affect the competitiveness of our business partners. They may focus, for example, on promotional activities, leaving the issues with fast delivery of goods to our company – says Patrycja Gawarecka, Director of Marketing and Sales at AB SA. – New shipping options are mostly convenient to ordering parties. And the 24-hour availability of easyPacks allows for the package to be collected at any hour, as well as the option of the same day delivery service ensures the receipt of goods in a couple of hours after placing an order, she adds.

The same day delivery option involves the products available in the warehouse from which they are shipped on the same day. This option does not include the products with dimensional fees and from the following groups: built-in appliances, freestanding appliances, accessories for large household appliances and toys (except Lego bricks).

Detailed information about the same-day delivery option and to take advantage of InPost’s easyPacks may be obtained through a customer representative and on the website: www.abonline.pl.