AB SA increases profits and buys Optimus

Net profit of the AB Group increased by 22 percent year on year in QIV 2012/2013. During this time, the unit net result went up by almost 60 percent and amounted to PLN 4.1M. Throughout the financial year, the company generated revenues of PLN 5.4B and net profit of PLN 41.7M. At the same time, the company announced acquisition of rights to the Optimus brand, and established a new subsidiary with this name.

AB – the largest IT distributor in Central and Eastern Europe presented its financial results for the financial year 2012/13. Sales amounted to over PLN 5.4B and net profit was at PLN 41.7M. During the year, therefore, consolidated turnover went up by over 25 percent. In terms of unit data, this growth was as much as 39 percent.

At the same time the Company announced its QIV 2012/13 results, previously unpublished. Consolidated net profit for this period reached PLN 9.5M and turnover was at PLN 1.3B. During this quarter, AB SA reported a record unit growth generating sales of PLN 923.6M with net profit amounting to PLN 4.1M. This means a progress of, respectively 43 percent and 59.3 percent in comparison to QIV 2011/12. The profitability of the company’s net result increase year on year by 10 percent.

AB Management underlines that the increase in profitability during the last quarter, on the one hand, results from numerous activities undertaken to generate higher margins, and on the other hand from a more beneficial structure of costs in regard to revenues. In consequence, the SGA costs indicator (selling, general and administrative expenses) in AB SA went down to 1.4 percent, i.e. the lowest level in history; the cash conversion cycle was reduced to 24 days and interest costs wend down y 25 percent year on year.

At the same time, we reported growth in areas that allow generating satisfactory margins: amongst others e-commerce, large housing appliances and enterprise – says Andrzej Przybyło, the Chairman of AB SA. – We still see significant potential, so we will intensify activities in these sectors – he assures.

A complimentary element of this strategy is AB’s acquisition of one of the most known brands in the Polish IT history – Optimus, which was just announced. At the same time, a subsidiary was established, Optimus sp. z o.o., which will be: the franchisor, the integrator and equipment producer, all at the same time. Optimus computers, servers and network devices, amongst others, will be put on the market. This model will allow the AB Group to generate additional revenues with above-average profitability.

The business concept to be executed by the company is unique on the Polish market. Within this entity, a franchise network for small and medium IT integrators will be established. – Being a part of this network will allow them to make a presence on the market of local tenders and IT projects, which were not available to them to date, amongst others in public administration, education, health care, banking sector, and uniformed services – Andrzej Przybyło, the Chairman of AB explains. He also adds that Optimus will directly participate in tenders, offering equipment made by both the company and external suppliers.

Taking over Optimus by the AB Group is very positively commented also by the creator of its power. – I am happy that the brand will be taken care of by such renown and reliable company like AB. I hope that development of Optimus in the AB Group structures will turn out a huge success – says Roman Kluska.

Pursuant to the assumptions of AB Management, Optimus is to start the production still this year and participate in first tenders.