AB wins the title of “Microsoft Partner of the Year”

B wins the title of “Microsoft Partner of the Year”

During the Microsoft Partner Strategy Conference 2016, a two day conference of Polish partners, AB S.A. was awarded the “2016 Partner of the Year – Distributor” title. Thus AB S.A., the leading distributor of IT solutions and consumer electronics in the CEE region, became the best company among Polish Microsoft distributors.

The Wrocław distributor was awarded for recording the highest growth of cloud computing services sales on the Polish market (fivefold increase year to year), as well as the most dynamic growth of on-line solution sales in the Indirect Cloud Solution Provider model. Moreover, Microsoft recognised AB for building the broadest partnership channel among companies offering cloud solutions on the Polish market.

“We are very pleased to have been given this award, as it confirms the leading position of AB S.A. among the distributors, also in cloud computing service sales. Moreover, we were recognised for a year of hard work on the popularisation of cloud-based solutions on the Polish market. As a Cloud Solution Provider, AB Capital Group offers subscription-based services in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Soon we are going to launch a cloud marketplace platform, which will be provided to our partners. The platform is being created by our experts, which allows us to avoid having to cover the cost of additional license fees, which will certainly translate into our ability to offer a competitive price. At the same time, we adapt the platform functionalities to the needs of our resellers and final customers, as well as the requirements of the local markets (Polish, Czech and Slovakian). The marketplace will enable our resellers to build their own offering of cloud-based services, as well as simplify the integration of their current services/solutions thanks to API”, said Zbigniew Mądry, Member of the Board of AB S.A.

During the Partner Strategy Conference 2016, which took place in Andel’s Hotel in Łódź, Microsoft confirmed implementation of the “Mobile first, cloud first” strategy, thanks to which the company achieves significant growth in the cloud services segment.