AB S.A. Competence Centre appointed an authorised Pearson VUE certification centre

The AB S.A. Competence Centre, which offers training courses, expanding theoretical and practical knowledge related to the newest IT technologies, as well as competence qualifications, was appointed as an authorised Pearson VUE certification centre.

Pearson VUE is a supplier of professional tests for users worldwide, enabling them to obtain a wide variety of certificates and authorisations. Pearson VUE is a subsidiary of Pearson plc, which thanks to its revenue amounting to 8 billion USD is the largest commercial organisation supplying tests to examination centres worldwide. The main organisation units of the company are located in the United States, United Kingdom and India, as well as in China and Japan.

The newly acquired status enables AB S.A. to carry out international IT certification exams for Microsoft, Cisco, HPE, Dell, EMC, VMWare, Juniper, Veem, Citrix, NetApp and many more. The complete list can be found at http://www.ab.pl/r/1039. Additionally, the Centre will also offer exams improving qualifications in the field of accounting, controlling, HR, management and other areas.

The main benefit of obtaining a Pearson VUE certificate is the possibility to receive a document confirming the professional qualifications and competencies obtained, which is honoured by employers all over the world, especially these days, since certified competencies and skills are highly valued. Pearson VUE has over 3400 Authorised Examination Centres all over the world and holds a leading position in conducting exams for IT industry and other fields.

The AB S.A. Competence Centre operates in three cities – Wrocław, Warsaw and Chorzów. It organises technical training courses on operating systems, software tools, server administration and configuration, virtualisation and cloud-based solutions, tools allowing for developing designs of teleinformation infrastructure of a company, as well as boosting interpersonal skills in business.

In order to sign up for an exam at the AB Competence Centre, select AB S.A. Competence Centre while booking the date of an exam of your choice. Another way is to use the https://home.pearsonvue.com/test-taker.aspx website in order to find a given exam and choose AB Competence Centre as the training centre where you will take the test.