HP Networking in AB S.A.’s offer

AB S.A., a leading distributor of electronics and home appliances in Central and Eastern Europe, has signed two new distribution contracts with HP – HP Networking and Business Critical System. The American manufacturer is offering the full service of its network and critical systems based on HP Integrity Servers to AB S.A.’s partners and customers. In the HP Projects Division, there is a team which provides AB S.A. with comprehensive network support.

Thanks to the established cooperation, AB S.A. offers its clients and partners a wide and continuous access to essential equipment of the SMB sector (switches from the 1810, 1910, 2530, 2620, and 2920 series), as well as the full portfolio of products from the group „Enterprise”.  In addition, it also offers help with registering projects with HP.

– We offer full support for HP network projects to our partners and clients.  It is an excellent example that we strive to expand our support continuously – says Patrycja Gawarecka, Director of the Sales and Marketingat AB S.A.

– Under our contract with HP, AB S.A. has the complete range of the American manufacturer’s network. Our customers and partners can also count on help of their engineers as well as the knowledge and experience coming from the HP Projects Division, specializing, among others, in HP Network Solutions- adds Wojciech Mayer, the Business Unit Manager of HP Projects Division at AB S.A.

HP Projects Division at AB S.A. is part of the Division’s Enterprise Business Group – one of the fastest growing areas within the structures of the Wroclaw Company. Since 2009, the EBG team has established long-term and strong relationships with multiple partners, signing more than 350 contracts.

AB S.A.’s partners and customers have access to comprehensive and regularly updated EBG’s offers, including servers and storage-dedicated Data Center, software, active network components, wiring, passive components, and emergency power supply. They can also use EBG’s support, knowledge, and a wide range of services, which have been directly targeted at their AB S.A.’s users.

HP is a world class manufacturer and supplier of IT services. Within its broad portfolio, it offers highly advanced products from the WAN, LAN, and WiFi networks.