Anniversary Edition of AB Roadshow 2013

The 10th edition of the AB Roadshow is scheduled to take place in April. Over 2,500 people in 63 Polish towns and cities have been trained over the last five years. This year’s anniversary cycle of conferences will by accompanied by a change in the form of the event.

Modern Office: A Comprehensive Offer for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses is a shared slogan under which suppliers will be invited to present their offers. Their presentations will also be carried out in a new form: meetings will begin with presentations on comprehensive solutions and technological trends dedicated to the SMB market; and will end with business coaching sessions. The launch of the conference showroom in a new and different form, which is to allow for the presentation of modern office spaces in their entirety and to help understand the way they operate, will be a novelty for all the participants. Presentations delivered by suppliers will aim to demonstrate the benefits of both cooperation and selling solutions based on products and technologies offered by vendors.

For over five years now, we have been organising regular meetings for our Partners; these meetings were very popular from the very beginning. This year, in order to meet the expectations of the participants, we have decided to change the formula of the conference to allow suppliers to have direct contact with customers. The main objective of these meetings is to facilitate the preparation of offers, the selection of the appropriate equipment and the implementation of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, says Mr Zbigniew Mądry, Chief Commercial Officer and Member of the Board at AB S.A. [JSC].

The AB Roadshow is a series of meetings (held twice a year) designed for resellers and local integrators that supply businesses and public administration. Conferences are held in major Polish cities, and the turnout in the cycle constantly exceeds 300 people.

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Meetings will be held on the following dates:

9th April: Szczecin

10th April: Bydgoszcz

11th April: Poznań

16th April: Białystok

17th April: Lublin

23rd April: Wrocław

25th April: Katowice