A new certification for the AB Competence Centre

The AB Competence Centre, which offers training courses, expanding theoretical and practical knowledge related to the newest IT technologies, and competence qualifications was appointed the Sophos Authorised Training Centre.

The new certification allows the AB Competence Centre to carry out certified training courses not only for the partners, but also for the end customers. Since April this year, AB is an official distributor of Sophos’ products and solutions. As part of the existing distribution agreement, AB S.A. offers its partners technical support, full help with realisation of the submitted projects, as well as education by organising numerous training courses and webinars. The status of an Authorised Training Centre allows AB S.A. to conduct examinations and award certificates confirming that the participants acquired knowledge and skills related to the area in question.

“Thanks to the certification of the AB Competence Centre, we now have an opportunity to provide our partners with even more detailed knowledge, introduce them to the secrets of IT security and conduct examinations related to new technology. This will provide added value to our partners and their customers, in the form of expert knowledge and skills. Even more so, since we saw the market demand for experts with knowledge of the advanced solutions and products offered by Sophos. The first certified training course will take place in October, we will release more details soon”, said Zbigniew Mądry, Member of the Board of AB S.A.

The AB Competence Centre operates in three cities – Wrocław, Warsaw and Chorzów. It organises technical training courses on operating systems, software tools, server administration and configuration, tools allowing for developing designs of tele-information infrastructure of a company, as well as boosting interpersonal skills in business.

AB S.A. is a distributor of the full range of Sophos products, including security solutions for IT infrastructure (UTM solution), servers, end users and cloud solutions.