LG PA1000T Compact Projector from AB S.A.

Small, black, powerful and easy both to transport and to use, this new PA1000T projector from LG is now distributed byAB S.A.

This clever little device will help you deliver effective presentations, revive the most beautiful holiday memories in your living room or surprise your friends with a brand new box office hit. And all this without any unwieldy connecting cables. The LG PA1000T provides film fans and business representatives with an integrated HDTV tuner (DVB-T) and a DVB-T aerial to guarantee excellent digital television signal.

With an ANSI lumen rating of 1000 lumens, a contrast ratio of 100 000 and a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, the LG PA1000T will turn almost any surface into a cinema screen. The LG PA1000T is also equipped with Intel WiDi Technology, which allows for wireless transfer of images from mobile devices without using any additional accessories.

The LG PA1000T uses LED technology to provide a powerful beam of light, superb image quality and long life (up to 30 000 hours). The device needs only five seconds to start and is ideal for sales meetings, business presentations or movie nights. The integrated USB File Viewer gives you freedom to play your files from a variety of USB storage devices.

The latest LG projector is advanced, compact and easy to use and is now distributed by AB S.A., a leading IT and consumer electronics dealer. Feel free to do the trial run of both PA1000T and PF80G and PW700 models.

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