The meeting of the masters of the household appliances and consumer electronics industry in Arłamów

The AB Innovation Days, which took place on the 3rd and 4th of June attracted over 400 guests and dozens of exhibitors to the Arłamów Hotel. The third edition of the trade show saw the newest trends and products in the household appliances and consumer electronics industry. The event was organised by AB S.A – the largest distributor of IT solutions, consumer electronics and household appliances in Central and Eastern Europe.

This year’s AB Innovation Days took place in the place, which was recently made famous by the Polish national football team – the luxurious Arłamów Hotel, located in the picturesque Bieszczady Mountains. The third edition was unique not only because of the exceptionally beautiful surroundings, but primarily because of its rich programme. For the first time, the fair ran for two days. The first day saw training sessions regarding the newest products and technologies, sales techniques, as well as additional services in the form of a prolonged warranty, conducted by the representatives of the manufacturers (LG, Whirlpool, Indesit, Amica), and STU Ergo Hestia insurance company. The training courses enjoyed great popularity and confirmed that an interesting subject and attractive formula is very conducive to transferring knowledge.

During the second day of the event, which was mostly devoted to exhibitions, hundreds of guests visited the more than 40 exhibition stands presenting the newest products, as well as trends in the development of the industry. After all, the motto of the trade show is “See today what others will show tomorrow”. Thanks to the proven formula of the AB TV Studio, the guests were also able to listen to discussions of experts and market leaders, hosted by a well-known TV journalist, Joanna Górska. The studio also broadcast the events taking place at the exhibition stands.

“We are consequently building a strong position in the household appliances and consumer electronics distribution segment, in the last year we noted a growth of 25% compared to the last year. The growth is a result of the implementation of our well thought-out product offer development strategy, which is now complete, with all the leading household appliances and consumer electronics brands. Currently we are focusing on expanding our offer with exclusive products, which are very valued by our partners. Thanks to them, they are able to shape their pricing policies in a more flexible manner. We also put strong emphasis on investing in a team of people, who serve our partners. We have created a dedicated team of mobile salespeople and reinforced our sales department in order to provide full support to our clients”, said Zbigniew Mądry, member of the Board at AB S.A.

Moreover, during the trade show, the company presented the principles of Kakto franchise network, its dynamic developments and its offer for the partners. Kakto is a chain of household appliance and consumer electronics stores, currently comprising 180 locations in Poland.

The trade show, filled with attractions, was concluded by the official Gala, during which the invited guests saw an energetic concert by Patrycja Markowska in a less formal and more relaxed atmosphere.

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