IT Night about GDPR, augmented reality and tools to increase employee commitment

During the upcoming IT Night (7th March, 6:45 pm, Barbara Café, Wrocław, ul. Świdnicka) to be held by the Competence Centre of AB S.A., the latest IT solutions from Microsoft’s portfolio will be presented; aimed at providing data security and conformity with the provisions of GDPR, they will show how we can increase the efficiency of employees by using Microsoft 365 FirstLine and Microsoft Hololens.

Another event under the IT Night cycle partnered by Microsoft will be devoted to a number of technologies and products that can really help to ensure information security in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and can improve the efficiency of employees.

During practical workshops, there will be a presentation of the latest products of the Surface line and Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud solutions that easily and effectively support the protection and monitoring of data in the company in accordance with new legal provisions.

The IT Night event in March will also be devoted to interesting issues concerning work efficiency. The participants will have an opportunity to learn that Microsoft 365 Firstline and how the use of this package can make it easier for employees on every level to perform their duties. They will also learn how an interesting IT trend in the form of AR (augmented reality) solutions can be used in companies. The participants will have a chance to try Microsoft HoloLens and see for themselves what AR is and how this technology can be put to use in a company.

The IT Night is a proven formula for exchanging experiences and establishing new contacts. Started over a year ago, the history of meeting of IT fans in Wrocław confirms that the casual atmosphere of the event fosters a free discussion and exchange of opinions. Because of the high popularity of the event, registration is already possible. Participation is free; registration is based on the “first come, first served” rule.

The details of the IT Night event in March and the registration form are available at: