“Young Talents” awarded

During the Great Gala organised by the Lower Silesian Capital Club at the Wrocław Opera, students and young scientists who achieved significant success in one of the six categories: Scientific Success, Success in Innovation, Artistic Success, Success in Social Activism, Success in Entrepreneurship and Success in Sports, were given the “Young Talents” award.

The Gala featured the Marshal of Lower Silesian voivodeship, one of the patrons of the competition, members of the Lower Silesian Capital Club and invited guests. During the Gala, the members of the Competition Jury, including Andrzej Przybyło, Chairman of the Board of AB S.A. handed the awards to the winners:

  •  Mateusz Olbromski for Scientific Success,
  •  Damian Krawczyk for Success in Innovation,
  •  Maciej Bałenkowski for Artistic Success,
  •  Paweł Obruśnik for Success in Social Activism,
  •  Przemysław Zarzeczny for Success in Entrepreneurship,
  •  Rafał Omelko for Success in Sports.

The “Young Talents” competition, which is a new initiative in Lower Silesia, was critically acclaimed as an example of real activities in supporting young and successful people. The winners emphasised that such awards motivate them to take on new challenges.

More about “Young Talents” competition: http://www.konkursmlodetalenty.pl/