New Business Structure at AB S.A.

AB S.A., a leading IT distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, has brought a significant change in its organisational structure. The business created a separate business unit called Presales & Solution Design as part of its Operations Department.

The Presales & Solution Design team is responsible for providing operational and technical support to sales teams in implementing projects; and for supporting our Partners in developing technical concepts and design solutions as well as in providing training and delivering presentations. The idea to centralise three functions responsible for training, engineering and project management as part of one unit comes as a result of the strategy for value added distribution development.

The new business unit at AB S.A. is going to coordinate work between different departments within the company and to provide comprehensive support and boost effective communication with our Partners. With the integration of engineering support, training, logistics and project management resources as part of one Presales & Solution Design Unit, AB Partners receive a comprehensive and effective assistance in implementing their own projects.