The First IT Night came off

The IT Night – a meeting for practical experts in modern technology organised by the Competence Centre of AB S.A. – took place in one of the popular facilities on the Wrocław Market Square last Wednesday. The partner of this premiere event was QNAP – the leading provider of network-attached storage (NAS) solutions.

The event was very popular, attracting over twice as many participants as organisers had originally planned. The leitmotif of the First IT Night was data archiving, data storage and sharing, virtualisation and productivity improvement solutions. The program of the event included presentations and practical workshops. This was an opportunity for visitors to become familiar with the capabilities of QTS and QES systems installed on QNAP products. During workshops, they also learned how to use tools available in the App Center.

We are very pleasantly surprised at such a large popularity of the IT Night. This shows that there is room on the Wrocław map of events for meetings that do not only educate practical experts and enthusiasts of modern IT technologies, but are also an excellent opportunity to establish new contacts and strengthen relationships. Both during and after the meetings, we received lots of very favourable opinions on the subject area and format of the meeting. In addition, our colleagues from the Competence Centre of AB, which was the organiser of the IT Night, received many inquiries about other available training courses and their scope. The announcement of further IT Nights, the details of which will be disclosed soon, has also generated large interest,’ says Bartłomiej Bojarski, Business Unit Manager, Presales & Solution Design AB S.A.

Apart from taking part in presentations and workshops, participants in the IT Night could share their experiences and establish new contacts. Moreover, the casual atmosphere of the event made it easier to engage in unrestrained discussions.

The details of the IT Night cycle and information about further events are available at: