Triple victory of the AB Group in Context ChannelWatch

The AB Group won three “Broadline Distributor of 2015” titles in Poland, Czech Republic and in Slovakia. The awards in Central and Eastern Europe were handed out as a result of a survey conducted by the prestigious CONTEXT organisation, conducting market analysis and pricing strategy within the ICT sector.            

The triple award was given to the companies of the Group: AB S.A. in Poland, and ATComputers in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The title of the “Broadline Distributor of 2015-2016” is especially valuable, since it is awarded based on the results of the CONTEXT ChannelWatch 2015 survey, conducted among over 5000 resellers in Europe.

ChannelWatch evaluates all distributors operating in the CEE region, and it is the broadest survey of its kind in Europe. In the survey, the resellers evaluate the distributors based on key criteria of the services performed, which are then weighted based on their significance for the partners.

“Being distinguished in such a prestigious survey on three markets, where the AB Group operates yet again confirms our dominant position in Central and Eastern Europe. The voice of the most objective group – our partners – confirmed our leading position not only based on the size of our offer or our revenues, but the quality of our service, logistic resources and our innovative sales tools. The triple “Distributor of the Year” title, which we are really thankful for, reinforces our belief that we are developing in a good direction, and that the strategy of dialogue with our Partners brings tangible results”, said Andrzej Przybyło, Chairman of the Board of AB S.A.

The AB Group is the largest distributor of IT and consumer electronics in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, based on volume of trade and number of clients. Its annual revenue amounts to almost 7 billion PLN. In 2007, AB S.A. purchased all shares of ATComputers Holding a.s. – a group of companies operating in the IT distribution industry in Czech Republic and in Slovakia, the largest manufacturer of PC in Czech Republic and owner of a network of computer stores.