A break-through in the industry? 360-degree photos from the AB S.A.

The AB S.A., a leading distributor of electronic equipment and home appliances in Central and Eastern Europe, is introducing 3D and 360-degree photos to be offered to its partners and manufacturers. The new service, which is unique in the IT distributor market, will enable presentation of products from nearly one hundred points of view. The solution is fully adapted to mobile applications.

The high-quality photographs will make it possible to show all details of the product. The individual elements in the photo are marked and described, which makes it easier to attract the customer’s attention. The Internet users will also have access to a mini-gallery of details: by clicking a detail, the user will display a larger description of the selected element. Products that require presentation from other points of view can be presented in the 3D technology.

„The AB consistently addresses the needs of its partners. By offering 3D photos, we are taking over a part of the work that so far had to be done by manufacturers and our partners. Thanks to the 360-degree photos, products become more attractive to online shoppers. The manufacturers get a ready-made presentation that they can distribute or publish on their websites. Our partners, on the other hand, can download the presentations to use in their online stores, thus improving the conversion rates,” explained Rafał Zaremba, the E-Commerce Development Manager at the AB Group„What is more, the technology will enable our most demanding partners to modify the presentations to fully meet their needs, e.g. by adding their logos, changing the background, and setting specific display parameters. It will also be possible to create dedicated presentations for such websites as Facebook or Allegro,” Zaremba added.

According to research, photos are the most important factor influencing purchase decisions in electronic commerce.1 Moreover, customers are becoming more and more demanding. Nine out of ten customers would like to see 360-degree presentations before they purchase any products. Most want to take a look at the smallest details and to download photos of the highest resolution.2

1 Source: Psychologia konsumenta [Consumer Psychology], vouchercloud.pl

2 Source: What Shoppers Want, ADOBE