Sales Champions League at AB Competence Centre

Sales Champions League, a new training programme designed by the AB Competence Centre, is scheduled to start in February.

The workshop is designed for anyone wishing to improve their skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of the most important aspects concerning sales in the IT industry. During the workshop, not only the topics related to the sales process will be addressed, but also interpersonal communication, presentation skills, assertiveness and negotiation.

The first meeting is scheduled to take place on 13th February 2013. Registrations can be made on a one-off basis or as a promotional package for the entire training cycle: Spring 2013. To meet the needs of its customers, the AB Competence Centre is also launching training at weekends: relevant meetings will be held on Saturdays.

Training programmes conducted by the AB Competence Centre are very popular and enjoy a good reputation. AB is the only distributor that provides training in both technology and sales. This solution allows workshop participants to gain comprehensive knowledge that will help upgrade their skills and contribute to the development of their businesses, explains Mr Zbigniew Mądry, Chief Commercial Officer and Member of the Board at AB S.A. [JSC].

Workshops are conducted by qualified trainers who specialise in training that develops and improves effective sales skills, in particular in people involved with the IT industry.