TB Energy with new B2B structure

New investment department was launched at TB Energy, a brand belonging to AB S.A., the leading distributor of IT solutions and consumer electronics in Central and Eastern Europe.

The new investments department functions within the TB Energy B2B business structure, offering advanced solutions and products such as industrial covers – hermetic, raster and high-bay, LED panels, rail systems, downlight covers, LED projectors, street lamps. Together with the creation of a new department responsible for investments, the TB Energy brand will be offered in tenders for equipping public buildings, sport venues (halls), education (schools, kindergartens), industrial halls and warehouses, logistics, health care objects (hospitals, clinics), stores etc.

The investment activities of TB Energy cover designing professional lighting systems using DIALux software. The offer also includes development of concept and selection of proper lighting methods, suited to the needs of the client and technical requirements of the place, according to the lighting standards. The company carries out the investment projects with the support of specialised electric companies. With regards to logistics and supply services for the investments, we established cooperation with electrotechnical wholesalers, who have the TB Energy Distribution Partner status (SPD).

By undertaking the investment, TB Energy also helps in securing finances for its realisation. The trained staff will readily give advice regarding the available funds and subsidies, and will gladly help prepare the necessary documentation for a financing application.

TB Energy offers a range of state-of-the-art LED-based lighting solutions, which strike a perfect balance between the cost and energy saving.

The entities interested in investments as part of TB Energy B2B should contact us at: inwestycje.oswietlenie@ab.pl