TECNO in AB S.A.’s offer

AB S.A., a leading distributor of electronic devices and IT solutions in Poland and Central Europe, has entered into a partnership with the TECNO brand (Transsion Holdings), thus enriching its product range with interesting smartphones. As a result, the Asian mobile device manufacturer has just commenced its operations in Poland.

TECNO is a brand of the Chinese company Transsion Holdings, established in 2006. The manufacturer offers its devices in 70 countries across 5 continents worldwide. Until now, these were primarily Asian, Latin American, and African countries. Poland is one of the first countries in this part of the globe where TECNO will offer its devices.

– I believe that through cooperation with AB Company, which has over 30 years of experience, the highest quality of services, and access to the largest customer base through all possible sales channels, TECNO will fulfill its objectives and will be able to grow significantly in this part of the world – explains Zbigniew Mądry, COO and Vice President of the AB Group.

The choice of TECNO brand solutions is driven by high quality, affordability, and attractive design, which are important purchasing factors from the perspective of Polish consumers. It’s worth noting that smartphones are making their debut in Poland, but the brand offers a wide range of products in various price ranges. TECNO is also a manufacturer of laptops, headphones, watches, and smart home devices, all operating within its own ecosystem.

– Poland is one of the first countries in this part of the world where TECNO will offer its devices. We believe that this is a perfect step towards the intensive development of the brand in this part of the globe, so from a strategic point of view, this is one of our most important markets – emphasizes Paul Pan, TECNO Central-Eastern Europe General Manager.

The companies do not rule out the possibility of expanding their product range in the future.