The requirements of businesses with respect to IT security and financing continue to grow

Due to the pandemic, the already fast-developing digital transition has shifted into high gear.

IT and new technologies – some of the most dynamically developing sectors in that period – have experienced changes in the scope of the offered products and services, which have significantly changed the market in several areas. Among them, it is worth to mention the increasing expectations of consumers and companies against the suppliers with respect to added in the process of sales.

IT services – companies are going to pay more

According to research, 70% of B2B clients expect innovative goods, services and are willing to pay a higher price for them [1]. This shows that the commonly recognised truth stating that companies now seek for something more than just a solution, but also related services is reflected by concrete data. Covid-19 pandemic has also caused that the issue of added values to products, in particular in the IT area has become an even more crucial element of transactions. Why that is the case?

More on-line time – greater needs

The new coronavirus pandemic caused that the already fast-developing digital transition has already shifted into higher gear. In just over a dozen months, we have witnessed the transition of many companies to remote work, a definite growth of the e-commerce segment in 2020 (nearly 26% y/y [2]) and purchases, as well as the development of digital sales channels [3]. According to the study on digitisation of companies in 2020, the pandemic was the reason for implementing solutions in the area of digital transformation in the case of nearly 1/3rd of studied companies [4]. But that is not all. New style of work, using home office and transferring an increasing number of business components on-line were the reasons why solutions related to security and counteracting cyber-attacks have become the key issues.

The growing portfolio of the needs of companies in the IT sector caused a change in the portfolio of distributors, resellers and integrators. For years, companies have been expecting more developed services than just providing just the equipment alone, but now, due to the new challenges, this trend has also become more apparent.

– For over a dozen years, we have noticed that companies seeking for solutions in the IT area expect professional added services, where the expert support is required not only with respect to the selection of equipment, their configuration or implementation allowing to fully utilise their potential, but also support with respect to security, both in the area of systems as well as procedures, and for instance, ensuring substantive trainings int he area of advanced IT solutions. That is not all however: during the pandemic, the financing models available for companies have even greater importance for the added value of services. In addition, the modern models of financing during the crisis allow for further functioning of businesses without the need to unnecessarily freeze their capitals in these difficult times – Tomasz Ciesielski, Enterprise Channel Sales Manager in AB S.A. commented.

What trainings are sought after by companies?

Substantive support in the area of advanced IT solutions relate to subjects such as, among others, using operating systems, developing private cloud solutions, server applications, utility software, server administration and configuration and mass storage.

Distributors emphasize that business clients increasingly more often expect trainings in law, related to public procurements, for instance.

Companies want more, but the warehouses still lack stock

At the same time, increasing requirements of companies in the area of added value for purchased equipment in the area of security, financing or expert knowledge often collide with the reality of…the lack of equipment. Disrupted supply chains, prominent increase in demand for IT equipment have caused a large gap in the market, which affects primarily companies which plan large orders.

– The past months and the beginning of summer bring first waves of optimism in the availability of equipment for larger projects. Seasonal, summer slowdown in demand is going to allow to restock the global shortages, however the execution of large orders and more comprehensive enterprise-class projects requires waiting periods of several months. Despite the worldwide logistical problems of the industry, the high demand also shows the scale of transformation of Polish companies during the pandemic – Ciesielski adds.


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