AB is ready for the season

AB S.A. is constantly expanding its offer with new product categories. Before the quickly approaching spring and summer season, a distribution agreement was signed with TrybEco – a Polish brand of innovative electric bikes.

TrybEco electric bikes are characterised by their functional design and attractive price to performance ratio. Among the innovative technological solutions used in their production is keeping the lithium-ion batteries in the wheel hubs in order to keep the centre of balance low, thus positively affecting stability and ease of riding. Every bike is also equipped with a controller, which also serves the role of a bike computer. By using it, the user can easily manage the electric assist system (by selecting one of three built-in modes) and control the operations of the engine, thus controlling the speed of the bike. Thanks to this function, every user can adjust and customise their TrybEco electric bicycle to their riding style, current conditions or preferences. Moreover, the controller also shows the charge level on the battery, the selected electric assist mode, light switch and cruise control mode. Soon it will be also upgraded with a smartphone interface, allowing for integrating the phone and applications with a bike, control its operations using a smartphone and charge the phone via USB.

AB S.A. is known for promoting a healthy lifestyle, and its employees have been taking part in numerous running events, triathlons and many more. The growing interest of our customers in physical activity can also be observed recently. TrybEco bicycles with electric assist offer its users easier and more convenient ride than a traditional bicycle. The ability to choose when to engage the assist motor gives a sense of safety, especially on longer routes.

TrybEco bicycles are available at AB website: www.abonline.pl