Future cloud services experts study in Wroclaw

Since this academic year a new postgraduate course – „IT solutions in cloud computing” – was launched. It was created as a result of a successful cooperation between the world of science and business, where AB S.A., a Wrocław IT distributor and WSB University in Wrocław combined their resources and experience.

The joint project is a venture launched in response to the expectations of students, but it also meets requirements set by employers. That is why „IT solutions in cloud computing” studies are designed to effectively prepare specialists and architects in the field of building IT solutions based on the most popular and advanced tools, which are Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. The vast majority of classes have the form of exercises and laboratories implementing tangible, real business scenarios using Microsoft cloud solutions. An additional advantage is the fact that the scope of subjects includes the knowledge needed to successfully pass the certification procedure in the area of building architecture, implementing and maintaining IT solutions in the Microsoft cloud. Graduates will enter the job market with professional qualifications documented by international certificates, which will certainly be noticed by potential employers.

Professor, Ph.D Marian Noga Director of the Institute for Business Cooperation, University of Business in Wrocław (“Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu”), comments among others about the importance of cloud computing from the point of view of economic development:

– IT solutions in cloud computing are extremely useful in educating a modern IT specialist, who is increasingly more frequently responsible for providing tools, useful in the daily work of a managers. The manager makes decisions in his work. For decisions to be rational, structured, and risk-averse, complex management support systems are needed. Consolidating distributed data, properly aggregating and processing it quickly. Cloud Computing comes to the rescue here because it definitely facilitates the creation and maintenance of systems that eliminate deficiencies in the decision making process. Usually, a manager has a serious constraint, which is limited time to make a rational decision. In addition, various types of decision support models are based on information from a few days ago and the decision is made today. This means that the models are based on time data and from the moment of „inserting” the data into the model until the decision is made, the values of these variables – may have changed and most often change. Cloud computing allows you to eliminate these type of deficiencies in the decision-making process.

The new and innovative field of study program has been prepared by experienced and committed people, who above all have considerable practical knowledge.

– The first classes as part of the studies are already behind us, and the impressions of our organizers and participants are very positive and optimistic. As part of lectures and exercises, we discussed issues covering the basics of public cloud operations. During the first meetings led by Mariusz Kędziora from Microsoft, participants learned the basic concepts – what is the cloud, how it’s classified, what is IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, how is Microsoft Azure built, what are Regions, how are they connected, how to navigate the basic Azure tool, the Azure Portal. During the second session, we went deeper into Azure topics. Participants learned about basic Microsoft Azure services and services like virtual machines, storage and virtual networks. During the classes, they learned how to implement and combine individual resources from the Azure Portal level as well as using tools such as Powershell and Azure CLI. There were a lot of practical exercises. All this so that the participants were very well acquainted with the basics of Azure, which will be needed during the next class. In general, the study program is structured in such a way that we start from the basics and end with advanced topics – says Bartłomiej Bojarski, lecturer and at the same time Presales & Solution Design Business Unit Manager at AB S.A

The study program „IT solutions in cloud computing” is aimed at anyone interested in Microsoft cloud solutions, in particular to employees of IT departments in enterprises, IT specialists, IT infrastructure administrators, new developers, professionals, practitioners and enthusiasts of IT technologies. It is worth noting that the cooperation established between the largest Polish IT distributor which is AB S.A. and the University of Banking in Wroclaw is based on extensive knowledge, high competence of specialists and practitioners of cloud solutions as well as an established reputation and over 20 years of experience in education as a business university