Simple integration

If you want, you can take advantage of our API (XML), which enables two-way communication with our system. This is one of the most advanced solutions of its kind in the distribution market. The right API integration saves time by automating processes related to purchasing products, which can occur almost without human intervention.

Selected possibilities offered by AB API.

  • Downloading and fetching:
    • product lists;
    • prices;
    • stock;
    • descriptions, photos, parameters;
    • order lists and order status;
    • waybill number;
    • payment due dates;
    • issued invoice lists;
    • e-invoices.
  • Sending:
    • orders;
    • address details of end customers;
    • PDF files to be included with shipment.

The full list of functions is available in the technical documentation that we provide you with API access. Getting access to our API requires signing an additional annex to your contract with AB and involves fees which depend on your turnover with AB. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

Integration with e-commerce platforms

Allegro – you get a tool for simple sales management at You can put up AB products for sale in just a few clicks. Based on data supplied by AB, the tool completes fields such as title, description or photo gallery. You can automatically order shipment of the sold products to the address of the end customer. All these facilities are available free of charge, as part of our cooperation.

Shoper – using the Shoper platform, you can easily add products from the AB offer to your store. Moreover, using the integration application you can update their prices and statuses according to information provided by AB. If you use the Shoper platform, we also support you by choosing one of the two graphic templates adapted to the product categories available in AB.

cStore – is an online store software for both B2C and B2B sellers. As one of the few e-commerce platforms, it has extensive features that allow you to conduct wholesale with many useful functions. The built-in integrator will allow you to add products from AB’s offer to the store, and then update their status and prices in accordance with changes in AB. Orders placed in the store can be easily and automatically transferred for execution in AB.