Product content for your website

Our specialists create product information that we make available especially for you. Even if you do not have the product in your warehouse, you can still present its features to the customer, which saves you time and money. The information materials that we create include:

  • titles and product description – you don’t have to create titles or write short product descriptions on your own. You can simply use the titles prepared by us in your sales system;

  • parametric tables – IT products are characterised by various parameters, which is why we create parametric tables based on vendor data. Thanks to standardisation, the data can be used to filter products in the online store;

  • photographs and infographics – the majority of the products offered by AB are accompanied by a photo gallery. We have our own product photography studio, which allows us to achieve the desired results. In addition, some products are accompanied by infographics, which present the most important parameters of the product in an attractive graphical way;

  • films – some products also have short unboxing clips. The short videos show not only the product, but also the contents of the box. You can easily embed the videos on your website by adding the HTML code provided by us on the product page;

  • 360° presentations – the studio built for this purpose makes interactive presentations, thanks to which you can see the product from any side with a flick of your mouse. We have the largest database of such views in Poland

You can automatically download all the materials via AB API (XML), and then import them to your online store. Only 360° presentations are paid, while all the other materials are provided free of charge.