Implementation of the EMAS system is intended not only to reduce negative environmental impacts. An efficient environmental management system significantly contributes to a reduction of the cost of operations, such as those related to waste disposal and energy and water consumption, while also increasing competitiveness.

Meeting the objectives of the EMAS declaration

A decrease in the use of adhesive tape by 35.73% compared to 2021. A decrease in the use of film by 33.36% compared to 2019. An increase in the film collection rate by 2.66% compared to 2019. Electric and electronic waste collection at 55% compared with the statutory requirement of 45% by weight. EMAS (AB S.A.’s Environmental Declaration 2022).

Circular economy

The activities of Alsen support the circular economy in:
– the development of installer networks and promotion of photovoltaic systems;
– post-warranty service of IT and consumer electronics/appliances;
– insurance and service subscriptions offered for breakdowns after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Elimination of paper in office processes

Introduction of electronic document workflow – we prevent printing of up to 300,000 documents per year.

Popularization of knowledge in the field of Green Energy

As part of our activities, we promote the use of and access to green energy by bringing together Installers of photovoltaic systems, Smart Home systems, energy banks, and solutions.

Download the Environmental Declaration of AB S.A.