30 Creative Citizens of Wrocław

An awards gala for the 30 Creative Citizens of Wrocław was held in the renovated interiors of “Barbara” – a well-known bar and meeting place for residents of Wrocław, recently turned into showcase of the European Capital of Culture 2016. Among the winners were businesspeople, representatives of culture, artists, social activists and scientists. The gala was accompanied by a debate about how the city of Wroclaw can and should support the development of its creative class. The discussion featured, among others, Andrzej Przybyło, Chairman of the Board of AB S.A.

The panel discussion, led by Edwin Bendyk, a journalist of the Polityka weekly and a lecturer at the University of Warsaw, was also attended by Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw Maciej Bluj and representatives of companies and organizations from Wrocław: Wiktoria Lenart, Zbigniew Maćków, Pawel Marchewka, Bartosz Ciepluch.