AB awarded for the best event

AB once again wins in the MEETING15 competition! This time, our Company triumphed in the category of „The Best Event – Interaction & Gamification” for organizing the event „AB Opportunities and Development 2023”.

This is another confirmation for us that our events are the best!

„Opportunities and Development” is a cyclical conference for representatives of the SMB sector organized by AB S.A. The event gathers global producers and key clients of the IT market every year, and the inspiring agenda supports relationship building and creates optimal opportunities for business development.

The solutions applied, such as speed business meetings, panel discussions, knowledge quizzes, or inspiring powerspeeches, make the event unique and valuable, which is always appreciated by our guests.

The use of IT tools like Meeting15 fits into the event’s formula. Not only does it effectively support us in organization and implementation, but it also enables our guests to participate more efficiently, communicate more smoothly, and network more effectively.

The „AB Opportunities and Development” conference was recognized in the international „2023 Events Reviews & 2023 Technology Forecast” competition (Miami, USA).

The competition was conducted by MEETING15 – an online platform supporting event organization.

We thank the Eventivo team for their support in implementation, as well as everyone who participates in our events, and also those who voted for AB by choosing „AB Opportunities and Development 2023”.

Congratulations to the AB Marketing Department – the success is attributed to the team led by Sebastian Ruciński: Marta Bartczyszyn, Aleksandra Kornaszewska, Weronika Zarzycka, and Natalia Góraleczko.

Congratulations also go to Joanna Grochowska – Business Unit Manager SMB at AB S.A.

For a reminder, AB Opportunities and Development ’23