AB is planning more acquisitions; the VAD segment is a strategic direction for growth

“The AB Group constantly actively discusses further acquisitions and sees a great opportunity in organic growth,” Andrzej Przybyło, the Group’s President, told PAP Business. He indicated that one of the AB Group’s strategic directions is the VAD, or value-added, segment.

“We have made two acquisitions in the past. It was the ATC Group in the Czech Republic, which achieved the position of a market leader as part of our organization. Later, we bought the Rekman company, which distributes toys. We actively discuss further potential acquisitions all the time – we focus on several different directions and topics and time will tell what will come out of this. However, we can certainly say that we are interested in acquisitions,” Andrzej Przybyło, the Group’s President told PAP Business.

For the entire interview, see: https://biznes.pap.pl/pl/news/pap/info/3453573,ab-planuje-kolejne-akwizycje–segment-vad-strategicznym-kierunkiem-rozwoju-(wywiad)