AB receives the Highest Quality HR certificate

AB S.A., the leading distributor of IT solutions, household appliances, consumer electronics and toys in Europe was once again granted the Highest Quality HR Certificate.

The distinction was awarded as a result of the 3rd edition of the Highest Quality HR survey, carried out by the Polish Human Resources Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Zarządzania Kadrami, PSZK). The organisation grants the certificates to the employees who implement and carry out outstanding HR policy in their companies, setting new trends in human resource management, as well as those, who popularise the high HR standards in Poland.

“The HR policy, carried out by AB S.A. has a direct effect on the dynamic growth of our company. It takes into consideration the changes occurring within the organisation, as well as in its general environment. Every year, a new generation of workers enters the job market with different expectations and requirements than in the past. Moreover, the requirements for professionals in the industry are also constantly changing. This is why we are very proud that the HR policy implemented in our company is appreciated by the HR professionals”, said Andrzej Bilski, HR Director at AB S.A.

During the Highest Quality HR Survey, the PSZK verifies the most important areas of the HR policy of a company, such as recruitment, outplacement, employee development, salary, incentive systems, corporate social responsibility, internal communication and employer branding. The Highest Quality HR certificate attests that the company uses the best practices and tools for human resources management. Moreover, the certificate informs the candidates interested in working for the company that they are dealing with a reliable and credible employer.