AB with 4 awards from CRN Poland

The jubilee XX Poll of CRN Poland is behind us! We are pleased to announce that the winners included Andrzej Przybyło, president of AB and Patrycja Gawarecka, director of sales and marketing of AB and Katarzyna Żmijewska, commercial specialist.

  • Andrzej Przybyło: The market sets the bar high, but thanks to intense daily work and investments in modern solutions, we meet expectations of our partners. Having that hard work in mind the more I appreciate these awards,: the IT Market Personality for me personally and the title of Distributor of the Year for AB awarded to us for the seventh time.
  • Patrycja Gawarecka: It is a great challenge to maintain the title of Sales Director of the Year four years in a row. It has become possible thanks to the great team I work with. Our ambition is for this record number to grow and we are working hard on it, which I hope will also be appreciated next year.
  • Katarzyna Żmijewska: She will be the Trader of the Year in the jubilee 20th plebiscite of CRN Poland for me, on the one hand, a source of pride, and on the other, an incentive to raise the bar even higher.