Andrzej Przybyło, CEO of AB: We intend to continue share buybacks as they are undervalued (Parkiet)

– Companies in our industry listed on foreign stock exchanges have significantly higher stock market indicators, which naturally increases investor interest in our shares,” says Andrzej Przybyło, CEO of AB S.A. „Our perceptions align with the idea that our shares are still undervalued. Therefore, after the closed period before the publication of the periodic report, we plan to continue our share buyback program – Przybyło adds in an interview with journalist Katarzyna Kucharczyk (Parkiet).

We see the strength of the market and the potential for further growth. The fact that in recent financial reports, we showed a significant inventory value indicates the direction we are heading. To meet the growing demand, we need goods. (…) We focus on long-term sustainable and diversified growth, stability, and predictability. We have already exceeded PLN 15 billion in annual turnover, multiplied our profits over the past years, and have an appetite for much more Andrzej Przybyło further states.

The full interview is available in the Thursday edition of the economic newspaper „Parkiet” (August 17, 2023), as well as on the website. We recommend reading it.