Andrzej Przybyło: “We know the market down to the smallest detail” (Gazeta Wrocławska)

“We have learned about the market from the ground up. We have grown with our customers and learned to listen and respond to their needs. After these more than 30 years, we still serve many customers who have been with us almost from the beginning. This very strong connection to the market, which we have demonstrated from the beginning, is one of our company’s advantages. (…) I also have great co-workers who, like me, work for the long term,” said Andrzej Przybyło, the President of the Management Board of AB S.A.

In an interview with Alina Gierak (Gazeta Wrocławska), Andrzej Przybyło talked about the early period of the company’s operation and the challenges he encountered in running the business. He explained what determined the company’s growth and what the path leading to the creation of the AB Group – the largest IT distributor in the region – looked like.

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