AB Competence Centre: Schedule of authorised SOPHOS training courses

The AB Competence Centre, which offers training courses, expanding theoretical and practical knowledge related to the newest IT technologies, and competence qualifications was appointed the Sophos Authorised Training Centre in August this year.

As part of the authorisation, in 2017 a series of monthly training courses will take place, offered to the technical specialists who will demonstrate and implement Sophos UTMs. The programme of the workshop comprises a product overview, including introduction to basic functions and concepts of configuration. It also includes presentations and hands-on training in the lab, reinforcing the knowledge with hands-on experience. Detailed schedule: http://ck.ab.pl/szkolenia-vendor/sophos

Since April 2016 AB has been the official authorised distributor of Sophos products and solutions in the areas of IT infrastructure security (UTM), servers, end users and cloud solutions. As part of the existing distribution agreement, AB S.A. offers its partners technical support, comprehensive help with realisation of the submitted projects, as well as education by organising numerous training courses and webinars. The status of an Authorised Training Centre allows AB S.A. to conduct examinations and award certificates confirming that the participants acquired knowledge and skills related to the area in question.