David and his dream computer

December is a beautiful month … especially for children. First Santa visits them with gifts, and then it’s Christmas. A special family time also connected with presents. But for our very cute dreamer Dawid, December is also his birthday thus another reason to celebrate. David was ecstatic, when a few days after his birthday, his dream came true (desktop computer). Volunteers from the Mam Marzenie(I have a dream) Foundation and Zbigniew from AB.SA appeared at his door to be able to enjoy and celebrate this wonderful event with Dawid. After a good time at Dawid’s house, we returned to Wroclaw, but for us the most important thing is that we left our Dreamer and his parents with smiles on their faces.

David, we are very happy that we could meet you and that we could fulfill your dream. We hope your new computer will bring you lots of joy.