Dominik and his fulfilled dream

We met our Dreamer as a very sad boy closed off inside his own world. He didn’t speak much, actually he only shyly answered questions.

Due to constant changes in his treatment plan, it was difficult for us to make an appointment for the next meeting. The last days of January were completely unpredictable. Unexpectedly, it turned out that Dominik had to go to Warsaw and when he arrived there, he learned the operations have been canceled.

Finally we met in „Przylądek Nadzei” (Cape Hope) where he stayed for several days.

Imagine our surprise when we saw a smiling, good-looking young man. Dominik, matured and gained a lot of self-confidence. We wanted to learn about his life now, how he is dealing with his illness, but one look at our Dreamer and it was obvious that he was waiting for his surprise. He seemed to be answering questions, but he was constantly glancing at my „magic bag”. We love the moment when we can hand in the desired item. We were pleased to look at Dominik’s curious and overjoyed eyes when he was looking at the laptop. He did not expect it to be so „super”. Another great surprise were gadgets added by AB. The mouse with a photo function was the most delightful, but the other additions were also very much to the dreamers liking. There was even something for his beloved sister. He gave her a mascot and an umbrella from us.

Both Dominik and his mother were very grateful for the richness of the presents and did not hide their emotions.