We fulfil dreams with the MAM MARZENIE Foundation

Employees of the AB have been working with the „Mam Marzenie” foundation since 2011. In this period, we have had many opportunities to find out that nothing is impossible and even a small gesture can help people forget about pain and problems they experience when they get seriously ill. This is particularly true in the case of helpless children with serious diseases.

We remember very well the first dream that we fulfilled: a 12 years old Kamila dreamed about an XBOX 360. This appeared to be a normal dream for any teenager but, given the serious illness of the girl and her passion for dancing, the XBOX gave her plenty of pleasure during her stay in the hospital.

We had many opportunities to learn that it is good to have a dream, that dreams are very powerful, and that it is worth waiting for them to be fulfilled because there is magic not only in the fulfilling but also in the waiting, which takes one’s mind away from the daily problems and concerns. With every dream that is fulfilled, children gain new strength to fight their diseases and we, as employees of the AB, become inspired.

In December 2013, employees of the AB received the „Marzenka 2013” award, which is a great honor to us. Initiatives such as the „Mam Marzenie” Foundation are extremely beneficial. The most touching thing about them is that their value is measured not in money but in children’s smiles. We are very happy that our efforts have been appreciated. We are proud and happy to be able to help the „Mam Marzenie” Foundation in its activities. This gives us not only great satisfaction but also makes us happy to be able to make children smile. We will certainly be able to fulfil many more children’s dreams.