David’s dream comes true

When people with big hearts join in to help us make dreams come true, there is no doubt that another child will have moment of respite from daily struggles with illness.

Friday, August 10th did not spare us the storm, but gave some rest from the heat. Our Dreamer – Sebastian was prepared by his parents for a visit, but he did not know that this is was to be a GREAT DREAM DAY!

He sat quietly on his bed and showed no signs of surprise when he saw us with a green foundation balloon. However a certain person came behind us, who was struggling to find the right laptop all of the past week.

Sebastian was a bit flustered, but his eyes lit up seeing lots of bags filled to the brim with gifts. One of them contained a box with a dream laptop.

In others there were other gifts – headphones with a microphone, mouse, notebooks, pens, cups and even a warm tank top, especially dedicated to lovers of computer games!

While our Dreamer was unpacking more boxes, the laptop was connected to the internet and installations began.

We knew that the boy was very tired, so we left him fairly quickly with a dream, and mother and sister, who promised to make sure the game was properly installed.