Tomasz and his SLR camera

On a beautiful Sunday noon we went to our dreamer Tomek. As everyone managed to fulfill their part of Tomek’s dream in secret – we gave him a great surprise. When four Volunteers entered his home, hands full with presents – everyone was excited.

Without any delays, we quickly unpacked all the gifts. Of course, we started with the most important Canon SLR camera, which he liked very much. Now the invaluable professional photographer Wojtek entered the fray. First he talked a little about the equipment itself, and then went through the basics of photography, camera settings and their meaning. Tomek quickly absorbed knowledge and it was obvious that he was eagerly waiting to take the first photo. Soon, there was a short trial photo session, still life, panorama from the window perspective and finally a photo of everyone present. Then Wojtek briefly told Tomek what to look for when taking a photo, how to frame a picture and what is pleasing to the eye. As there was a lot of knowledge presented at once – Wojtek gave Tomek a photographic guide, which will replace him with photography instructions.

However, that was not all. AB S.A. and TB Print together added a cover to the SLR camera, a bag full of gadgets and a mobile Canon Selphy printer with photo paper, thanks to which you can print a photo almost immediately after taking it, wirelessly and give it to someone or put it in an album.

Everyone was delighted with the power of this dream being fulfilled, and Tomek was smiling and was already planning what he would like to photograph when he will be able to leave the house.

Our Dreamer has a long road ahead of him, learning how to take beautiful photos.