“Young Talents” at the Great Gala

In the “Young Talents” competition, the Lower Silesian Capital Club promotes and rewards students and young scientists for their significant successes in science, innovation, art, social activism, sports and as young entrepreneurs. Andrzej Przybyło, founder and Chairman of the Board of AB S.A. is a member of this organisation.

During the Great Gala on 22 May 2017, which took place under patronage of the Voivode and Marshal of Lower Silesian Voivodeship, prizes and awards will be given out to students and young scientists. The Jury, which comprised university rectors, representatives of local authorities and entrepreneurs – including Andrzej Przybyło – will carefully analyse the submissions according to the competition rules and award prizes and distinctions in six categories: Scientific Success, Success in Innovation, Artistic Success, Success in Social Activism, Success in Entrepreneurship, Success in Sports.

The official “Young Talents” Award Gala will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Monday in the Wrocław Opera. More about “Young Talents” competition: http://www.konkursmlodetalenty.pl/


The Lower Silesian Capital Club Association was created on initiative of people who share the idea of bringing together entrepreneurs and scientists, who are willing to contribute towards the development of Lower Silesia. The Club comprises some of the most outstanding people, who managed to achieve significant success in business, science or social activism.