IT Night – an exceptional event

IT NIGHT is a new cycle of meetings for practical experts in modern technologies organised by the Conference Centre of AB S.A. The idea of the event is to disseminate broadly understood knowledge relating to advanced technologies (including server, network, storage and public, private and hybrid cloud technologies), to share experiences and to present the equipment offered by AB S.A. and partners of the event.

The distinctive feature of IT NIGHT meetings is their special format. They are organised during evening hours on weekdays and consist of lectures, a discussion panel and product tests. Their primary role is provide participants with expert knowledge and to create an opportunity to check basic functionalities of presented solutions in practice. The event is concluded by a networking session held in a casual atmosphere with snacks and beverages.

IT NIGHT is addressed to IT professionals, including employees of IT departments, network administrators and data storage experts who represent companies, institutions, offices, hospitals or universities.

The location and character of the venue of the meeting allow participants to test the state-of-the-art IT solutions and talk about innovations and technologies of tomorrow in business in an unrestrained atmosphere. The first IT NIGHT will be held in the centre of Wrocław in the Novocaina restaurant (Rynek 13) already on 1st March at 7:00 p.m. Participation in the meeting is free; registration is based on the ‘first come first served’ principle.

To learn more about the IT Night, its agenda and rules of registration, visit: