The AB S.A. Competency Center recognized for its involvement in the European Cyber Security Month

October has passed, a month that has been recognized for years as the European Cyber Security Month (#ECSM). In Poland, this campaign is coordinated by NASK.

In light of this, the AB S.A. Competency Center organized a webinar titled „Secure Online Path: A Guide for Internet Users.” The session was led by AB S.A. experts: Maria Mirowska-Grzeszna, Junior Networking Engineer, and Milosz Jaworski, Senior Consultant – CyberSecurity & Network Solution.

As part of our efforts, we were acknowledged by NASK and received a diploma – a token of appreciation – for our initiative and involvement in this year’s European Cyber Security Month 2023. On the website:, you can find numerous valuable thematic materials.
Stay safe!